Culture Over Coffee

MYTH: Company Culture is "Nice to Have" with Pamela McGee

March 16, 2023 Beth Sunshine Season 2 Episode 10
Culture Over Coffee
MYTH: Company Culture is "Nice to Have" with Pamela McGee
Show Notes

In this episode, we’re taking time to debunk the all too prevalent myth that good company culture is simply “nice to have.” Just like our guest today says, “what made you successful won’t necessarily keep you there.”  

Joining Beth to help break down why company culture is key to long term success, is Pamela McGee, President at the Greater Orlando Society of Human Resources (GOSHRM).    

Pamela makes so many amazing points like: 

  • How a strong company culture makes it that much easier for your organization to put out fires 
  • Why focusing on your culture is instrumental in retaining your top performers 
  • And, lastly, how good culture can help transform your company into an employer of choice  

Self-Inventory Culture Checklist (Grade Your Company Culture):

Pamela McGee:

Beth Sunshine:

Up Your Culture:

(02:33) How would you describe why a strong company culture is important?
(05:45) When you have an engaged workforce, they understand and are invested in their employer's goal
(09:57) If you wanna stay around as an organization and continue to grow, good culture more than a nice thing from the employee perspective
(10:49) Employees are willing to commit because they believe in the gold, they believe in the mission
(15:01) You need to do some town halls or some round table meetings to gauge where your team is at
(17:05) Good culture helps you be an employer of choice
(21:39) It's important that, when we talk about culture, we're talking from the CEO down to the janitor.